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As you travel south of Marathon and the 7 Mile Bridge you are in a area the locals reffer to as "The Lower Keys." This is a great place to plan your fishing trip because of the scerenity and the excellent fishing.  It is home to some of the prettiest waters in the entire state. These backcountry waters of the Lower Keys are home to many species of gamefish that all skill levels can target. From the moment you cast away from the dock you will be transformed into a paradise of birds and aquatic marine life that all call the Lower Keys their home. The Lower Keys is known for its vast stretching flats that seem to be deserted all year.  Not only is it great for fishing but the snorkeling and diving is probably some of the best in the entire world.  It is where most of the local guides like to go when they have a day off because of the lack of fishing pressure.  It is also known for its world class Permit fishing that produces the biggest numbers in South Florida.  In fact the very first recorded Permit caught on fly was actually caught off of the "Content Keys" in the backcountry waters of the Lower Keys.


What Islands are considered The Lower Keys?


When you are traveling down US1 from the mainland, once you get off the 7 Mile Bridge you will come across the Island of Bahia Honda, Big Pine Key, Little & Big Torch Key, Ramrod Key, Summerland Key, Cudjoe Key, Sugarloaf Key, and finally Boca Chica Key.  There are many more islands in the area but those are the major ones that people actually live on.  These islands do have year round residents but over half of them are actually vacation homes for snowbirds from the north.  This will give you a feeling of having the entire place to yourself, on and off the water.



What can I expect?

While fishing in the Lower Keys and Big Pine Key you can expect to see crystal clear ocean flats filled will all sorts of marine life.  As you venture into the maze of islands you will encounter birds, dolphins, and other marine creatures.  The Lower Keys is home to a world class Permit and Tarpon fishery.  With its very quiet towns and simple amenities it is surely the place to stay to get away from it all get your line wet.

7 Mile Bridge

Old Bahia Honda Bridge




What are the typical species of fish caught in The Lower Keys?

(Inshore Flats Fishing)





Mangrove Snapper




What is there to do when I get off the water?

Well the Lower Keys is the place for those that really want to get away from it all.  Even though we can't promise you a wild night here in the Lower Keys we can guarantee you spectacular fishing and breathtaking sunsets.  You can save all your wild nights for Key West.  However, we can promise you some really good options for dinner.


-The Square Grouper Bar & Grill is probably the best kept secret in the Florida Keys.  You will not find a better meal anywhere in the Keys. (Cudjoe Key)

-Looe Key Tiki Bar is a great low key place for a cocktail at the end of the day.  Here they have local live entertainment almost everynight. (Ramrod Key)

-No Name Pub has become a legendary place over the years.  It's a great place for some cold beer and pizza of all things, But good luck trying to find the place. (Big Pine Key)



Square Grouper Restaurant