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Hooking up to any fish on fly in South Florida is a rush to say the least.  Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon, Snook, and Redfish are considered some of the best species in the world to catch on fly and we have them all year long.  

Miami and all of South Florida is truly a great play ground to break in a new rod.  We generally use 8-12 weight rods for these fish with a good drag system on your reels because they will burn a cheap drag up in a hurry.  Most of the fish will be in 1-3 feet of water so we use floating and intermediate sinking lines.  Often times in this shallow water Bonefish and Permit will Tail while they are feeding.


Ever dream of catching a fish on Fly?

Well, we can help you achieve that goal.  If you are a beginner we can start you off slow.  We normally like to start beginners off in the Florida Everglades because the fish are easier to catch and we can present you with many more shots.  The dirty water of the Everglades helps to not spook fish during your false casts as well making hookups much more likely.


So are you ready to catch a Drag Screaming Monster?

For you all out there that already know how to cast and are ready for more of a challenge.  Let me first start off by saying "this ain't no stream and this ain't no trout!"
Not to insult other places to fish because we love visiting new destinations around the world ie, Alaska, Montana, Colorado etc. But, our fish have an appetite to eat and a temper tantrum when they are hooked.  For example, a bonefish will run about 100 Yard before it ever thinks of slowing down.  Or a Tarpon fight can sometimes last over an hour after he has jumped several times out of the water 6 Feet or more!  South Florida is home to Hundreds of World Records and many of them are on fly


Owen With His First Tarpon on Fly

Norman Duncan Flyfishing in Miami

 Snook on Fly

Craig Cantelmo from Van Staal releasing a nice Biscayne Bay Bonefish