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 Captains Latest Fishing Reports


 ***Because we are on the water just about every single day sometimes we fall behind on fishing reports.  Sorry, but after a full day of fishing and then having to wash the boat and get ready for the next day and then spend time with family the last thing we want to do is write another fishing report.  So don't think it's because we aren't on the water.  Thanks guys!  Rich***


Report - May - Tarpon Tarpon Tarpon.  Thats pretty much what's on everyone's mind here in South Florida.  The numbers of fish is still as always holding strong in the month of May.  Pretty much anywhere in Miami, Everglades, and The Keys is going off every month of May for Tarpon.  On a few rougher days we've actually gone Snook and Redfishing just to mix it up a bit.  While the Bonefish and Permit bite we hear has remained great.  Click Here to view May Fishing Report.


Report - April - Well Tarpon Season is in full swing.  The Tarpon started their South Bound Migration about the usual second week of April.  The Fly Fisherman fishing with us have had a ball hooking fish 80-200 lbs. in the Miami, Everglades, and Islamorada areas.  Click Here to view April Fishing Report


Report - March - Well Spring is here!  The Tarpon have arrived in the backcountry and we've seen some really good numbers of Big Fish.  This month is generally better for my light tackle spin fisherman throwing artificial lures in the backcountry waters of the Everglades.  Click Here to view March Fishing Report


Report - February - The end of winter is almost here.  We are starting to transition alreay with some warmer than normal temperatures.  The Snook, Redfish, and Trout bite is still holding strong in the backcountry.  Meanwhile we've already started to see some huge Tarpon start staging in the back bays of the Everglades on the really warm days.  Click Here to view February Fishing Report


Report - January 2012 - The mid-winter bite in the backcountry has been really good for the usual Snook, Redfish, and Trout species.  On the warming days right before the next cold front the juvenile Tarpon and 20-60 lb. Tarpon bite has been excellent.  Click Here to view January 2012 Fishing Report


Report - December 2011 - Christmas Madness and great fishing is what's going on here in South Florida.  The mild temperatures are why snowbirds from all over make their way to our area each year.  And while the Keys explodes in population the fishing for Snook and Redfish becomes the most consistent target for all the Backcountry Fishing Guides.  Click Here to view December 2011 Miami Fishing Report


Report - November 2011 - Turkey Day is approaching, family is inbound, and the fishing is Red Hot in the backcountry.  This month the bait is making its way down the coasts and all the bigger Snook and Tarpon are fattening up for the colder months approaching.  Click Here to view November 2011 Miami Fishing Report


Report - October 2011 - Well October is always about the time we start seeing the slow transition to eventual cooler temps and red hot backcountry Snook and Redfishing in the Everglades Backcountry and not to mention the time of year when we put our traps in the water for Stone Crab Season Baby!.. Click Here to view October 2011 Miami Fishing Report  


Report - September 2011 - We it's still nice and warm down here in the keys but the Redfish bite is the best I have ever seen it!  Not to mention all the other species biting all over the place... Permit Galor and actually saw a Mega Hammerhead Shark eat a Tarpon in the Wild!!..... Click Here to view September 2011 Miami Fishing Report


Report - August 2011 - It's August and yes it's hot like always but we are happy to report a awesome bite in the backcountry.  In the Everglades we actually had a Sawfish nearly jump into the boat ..... Click Here to view August 2011 Miami Fishing Report


Report - Oct 2010 - The temps are cooling finally and let the transition begin from Hot as Hell to flip flops that don't stick to your feet anymore! Backcountry fishing is starting to get fun again and the fish are out and about ready for you.... Click Here to view  October 2010 Miami Fishing Report


Report - Mid 2010 - The January 2010 cold weather did a number on the Snook population but we are finally reporting some good news out of the backcountry waters of The Florida Everglades Flamingo Fishing area... Click Here to read the Good News During Tough Times article