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Big Pine Key  is a great place to start your fishing adventure.  Because Big Pine is in the Lower Keys you can expect to experience a very laid back attitude from the locals.  No hussle and bussle just peacefull scerenity and world class fishing.  It is just a stone throw away from Bahia Honda Bridge and a number of untouched flats that Permit, Bonefish, and Tarpon call home.  This area is considered by many to be "Ground Zero" for the Tarpon spawn in late spring.  Every year we see a Palolo Worm hatch down here that drives the Tarpon INSANE!  For those of you unfamiliar with this hatch, every year we see thousands of Tarpon 80-200 lbs migrate to the middle and lower keys awaiting the Palolo Worm to hatch from inside corals.  When this happens the Tarpon seem to go into a euphoric state of eating anything that resemble the worm and afterwards scientists believe it triggers them to spawn.  No one ever really knows when the exact date a worm hatch will happen but if you happen to be here during that time be ready for some of the best Tarpon fishing in the world.



How About Permit Fishing?

Oh Yea Baby! We have some of the best Permit fishing in the world in the backcountry of Big Pine Key.  In the early Spring months we have schools of permit that invade the shallow backcountry flats trying to find shrimp and crabs.  Often times these fish will come high on the flats and even tail.  This is one of the best sights any flats fishing angler can ever hope to see.  And the best part about this area is it not only happens in early spring but all year long.  Yes, you heard right.  We catch Permit all year long and wear shorts and flip flops in the middle of winter!


What else is interesting about Big Pine?

Big Pine Key is home to the "National Key Deer Refuge."  Yes, we said deer.  Many don't think of the Keys and deer but we have quite a few white tail residents down here.  You can often see them along US1 and also feeding in local yards during the daylight and nighttime hours. They are much smaller than their relatives up north and are so tame they often come up to people looking to be fed.  Just don't get caught trying to feed them because you can get into some serious trouble.


Big pine is also home to some very interesting locals.  Many artist call this island their home and you can see this by some of the wacky cars traveling up and down the highway.  Many of them customize their cars to look like anything from a lobster to a boat.  We just nod our heads thankful we don't have to sit it hours of traffic like everyone else up north.  Putting up with the crazies is a small price to pay for paradise.



Big Pine Permit Fishing

Guided by Rich Smith



Entering on to Big Pine Key


What are the typical species of fish caught in Big Pine Key?

(Inshore Flats Fishing)





Mangrove Snapper