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Miami Fishing has never been better! Our fishery over the last decade has just exploded with great fishing.  During Spring Tarpon Season (March-July) massive schools of Giant Tarpon (80-200 LBS) pass through Miami on their way to the Florida Keys to spawn.  These fish travel down the same paths year after year and our top rated fishing guides know exactly what it takes to put you on the fish.  This expertise has landed them on numerous television shows as well in countless magazines.  Out of the hundreds of fishing guides and charter operations in Florida we guarantee you will have a great time fishing with us on our boats.  Our charter captains always go the extra mile to make sure you want to come back and fish with us year after year.  This recipe for for sucess is the reason we are considered one of the Top Ten Miami Fishing Charter companies


Fishing in Miami is not only great for Tarpon but many other species inshore and offshore. Our Flats of Biscayne Bay have one of the best Bonefish populations in the entire continental United States.  The famed Biscayne Bay Bonefish has been written about in numberous magazine articles because the average size of 8 Lbs.  This is nearly twice the size of the Bahamas average 2-3 Lb fish.  Yes, they have more of them than we do but ours are definitely more of a catch of a lifetime.  To catch one of these trophies it requires patients, keen eye, and accurate casting.  With a little instruction from any one of our accurate guides you have a better shot than most to be successful at landing one.  This is why Fishing in Miami has never been better !


Our Top Rated Charters provide many different types of fishing. Inshore or Offshore we do it all.  We can custom tune a charter that works for just about everyone.  If your not in for the trophy hunting or monster Tarpon don't worry we have other stuff we can do to make sure you have a great time fishing in Miami with us.  Our guides have decades of experience also providing family oriented "Catching" trips for novice fisherman that just want to get out there and bend a rod.  These types of trips can include catching species such as Mangrove Snapper, Barracuda, Sharks, Jacks, and Ladyfish.  This laid back style of Miami Fishing is great for children, and other un-experienced anglers. This style of fishing generally uses light tackle spinning outfits 10-15 lb test using either live bait or even lures depending on how hot the fishing is at the time.  When we fish for larger Sharks we generally use 20 lb Light Tackle spinning outifits and fresh dead bait such as the Barracuda's you catch earlier in your trip.  Using all these Light Tackle techniques makes the fishing more challenging and fun for everyone.


Now that you have read a little about our charters we encourage you to search around this site to learn more about the many different types of fishing we do here in South Florida and our Top Rated Miami Fishing Charters.


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