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Fun Fishing is a type of fishing meant for everyone.  It's great for families and even people just learning to fish.  This style of fishing is really about getting out there and bending a rod and catching as many fish as possible.  The species of fish you catch are really based on the time of year.  If it's winter time the Spanish Mackerel show up in big numbers in the backcountry and can be a whole lot of fun when using artificial lures on light tackle spinning rods.  Or if it's Spring or Summer there are great numbers of Jacks, Ladyfish, and even Trout found on the flats all over South Florida and The Florida Keys.


Fun Fishing = Catching Lots of Fish

Species = Trout, Jacks, Ladyfish, Mackerel, Snapper, Barracuda, and Sharks

Fun Fishing = Great For All Skill Levels & Ages


Fun fishing is especially great for beginners and children because there is very little waiting and lots of action.  This style of fishing really teaches you the basics of feeling comfortable holding a fishing rod, setting the hook, and properly reeling the fish in to the boat.  Mastering the basics like this will build a strong foundation to later stepping up to more difficult styles of fishing such as fly fishing and even sport fishing.


Fun Fishing Teaches You The Mechanics Of Fishing

Recommended Ages 7 and Up *

*(Children 7-12  Consider 4 Hours Short Trips)


Over the years we have noticed a trend of people visiting South Florida and just wanting to get out there and catch some fish.  Often times it is a newlywed couple wanting to share a love of fishing together or even parents wanting to spend some quality time with their children. Fun fishing is great for these groups because everyone is able to get out there and catch fish at the same time.  It's not like the traditional fishing you may have seen where only one person can fish at a time.  No this style allows up to 4 people on a single boat to spread out and cast in different directions.


Multiple People Fishing Simultaneously

Great For Newlyweds

Great For Family Trips


Fun Fishing can include a wide range of species caught in a single day.  Often times on the flats or in the backcountry we catch over 8 different species on a single trip.  Sometimes we can even take a few of these fish and use them for chum to bring in even bigger fish like Sharks.  Yes, Sharks!  When we target these toothy creatures we can bring in sharks 3-10 feet long.  But don't be afraid your captain is an expert on handling these fish and will make sure everyone on the boat is perfectly safe.


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